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Assessments & Evaluations


Autism Spectrum Evaluation

A comprehensive evaluation that will result in an increased understanding of your child’s unique strengths and challenges, and severity of the condition at the time of evaluation, and direction of treatment and educational planning.

$200 per hour


Social-Emotional Assessment

An assessment to focus on social & emotional dynamics that are important in understanding your child’s growth and/or difficulties that may be present. Examine qualities of a relationship between young children/infants and their caretakers.

$200 per hour


School Based Behavior Consultation

 A school consultation that focuses on behavior reduction to decrease behavior that impedes the learning of the student and increases appropriate behavior.

$100 per hour


Psycho-educational Assessment

A comprehensive assessment taking a look at your child’s cognitive ability, their academic achievement, and a number of more specific skills such as their attention or executive functioning.

$200 per hour

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Behavioral Assessment

An assessment focused on gaining an understanding what is causing behavioral changes in your child and using specific methods and training to counteract the behavior.

$200 per hour


Direct ABA Therapy

Therapy that utilizes a 1:1 student to therapist method to work on increasing positive, appropriate behaviors and decreasing negative or maladaptive behaviors in the home environment. 


Academic Evaluation

A comprehensive evaluation to understand, track and reveal the academic level your child is currently reaching at school and provide a first step alert for specific learning difficulties and concerns.

$200 per hour


Functional Behavior Assessment

An assessment focused on behaviors that occur within the school environment versus those that occur at home or in the community.

$200 per hour

Support Programs

Insurances Accepted


Questions to ask your insurance provider

Some services may be covered by your health insurance provider. To verify your benefits, asking your insurance carrier the following questions may help you understand what's covered:

You can locate the number for your insurance provider at the back of your insurance card. 

Will my plan cover these costs & services?

"What type of plan do I have?"

"Are these services in-network?"

"How much will it cost if they are out-of-network?"

Will I have to owe a deductible?

"How much will I pay out of pocket for these services?"

"When will I reach my limit?"

How much is my co-pay?

"Will there be a copayment at the time of service?"

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