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Empowering families to advocate for their keiki

We provide compassionate services that support families and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Learning Disabilities.

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We take an all-embracing approach to helping you understand your child's needs

Here at Aurora’s Light Education Consulting Services, we believe that through the use of early intervention, comprehensive evaluations and assessments related to the specific areas of concern, we are able to identify areas for further growth and development.

Early Intervention

Early interventions give children the best start possible and increases their chances of developing to their full potential.

Family Empowerment

Families should be supported in an educational environment that is flexible, responsive to their needs, and readily accessible to them.

Children Advocacy

We believe it is important to help those who are slipping through the system to be recognized, and receive access to special needs resources.


A safe space for children and families to feel heard

Where our highly qualified child development professionals strive to provide compassionate and all-inclusive services to children and families of Hawaii.

Providing support for children, parents and families.

One of the most powerful roles that parents and caregivers can play for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Learning Disabilities is that of an advocate. We are willing to share incredible sources of useful information and tips to help you and your keiki navigate your journey.

You are not alone on this autism journey
We are here for you!

Thank you to Director, Kasey Martin and 2nd Cam, Bleu Valerio!

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i acknowledge that i am on occupied land of the kānaka ʻōiwi, past and present & i honor with gratitude both the land itself and those who steward it.

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